Influence Today

  Chapel Service Kern County Raceway Park November 4, 2017 “Influence Today”  (Part 4 of “Changing Today”) Bob Butcher     As we close this four part study on the changing world today and how we have gotten here, this part four of the study brings us full circle to the way God still [...]

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Our True Citizenship

All American Speedway - October 14, 2017

These are powerful words and principals in most of us and our lives.  These days as I look at what is happening in America it makes me wonder whether we have lost those values today. 

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Things Have Changed – Part 2

Chapel Service Meridian Speedway September 30, 2017 Things Have Changed - part 2 Bob Butcher In Douglas County we talked about how “Truth” today has moved into a new and dangerous realm today in America.  At the time I had not realized that our home church Pastors and close friends were about to embark upon [...]

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Things Are Changing Today! – Part 1

Douglas County Speedway, Roseburg, Oregon - August 26, 2017

"...And now let me tell you the rest of the story...

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Credit? …Or Not?

Evergreen Speedway, Monroe, WA - August 12, 2017

Those of us out here are all behind the scene of...

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Our Mission Adventures in Mexico

Chapel Service Watkins Glen International August 4-6, 2017 Mission Adventures...In Mexico There is a reason I want to show you this video from our home church (Church on the Hill in Salem, Oregon on July 23, 2017). The reason is to remind us of an outreach our family led each year during January to Ensenada, [...]

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Iowa Speedway - July 28, 2017

Each one of us are...

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The Invisable Curtain

Sonoma Raceway - June 24, 2017

peek at what is happening behind the curtain in the invisible universe.

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Colorado National Speedway - June 10, 2017

"I don't know about you, but that doesn't leave us much room to ignore that..."

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Our Blood Covenant

April 30, 2017 Our Blood Covenant This is really Part 2 of an exceptional understanding opportunity for ALL of us today.  The relevance of this to us today seems both useless and out of time in today's society, however, that is as far from the truth as is possible!  It is from Genesis 15 of [...]

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Why is the Bible Good for Today?

This crazy and dramatic Israel case study is full of useful takeaways for us today. Although we may now live in different times, our God has not changed and neither has our human nature!

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