Good Friday 2017 Message

Bob Butcher


There are Nine Important Hours on Good Friday…

Isaiah 53 tells us of the Savior that is coming, the life He will live, the death He will suffer and the forgiveness it will bring.  This day, that we call Good Friday today, is directly the day when our sin as mankind intersected with His holiness and Salvation has reigned supreme since.  It is as simple as Acts 16: 31 says: “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.”

Luke recorded an account of those nine hours we call Good Friday today.

6 a.m. Jesus Stands Trial before PilateLuke 23:1-5


            Jesus Sent to Herod Luke 23:6-12


7 a.m. Jesus Returned to Pilate Luke 23:11


            Jesus is Sentenced to DeathLuke 23:23-25


8 a.m. Jesus is Led Away to Calvary Luke 23:26-31


            Jesus prays for forgiveness for his Persecutors

           – Luke 23:34


9 a.m. – “The Third Hour” Jesus is Crucified on the Cross

           – Luke 23:34


10 a.m.Jesus is Insulted and Mocked, – Luke 23:35-37, 39


11 a.m. Jesus and the Criminal, First Salvation from the cross

            – Luke 23:40-43


12 Noon – “The Sixth Hour” Darkness Covers the Land

             – Luke 23:44


1 p.m. “It is Finished”, the Temple Curtain Torn – Luke 23:45


2 p.m. Jesus Cries Out to the Father– Luke 23:46


3 p.m. -“The Ninth Hour”

           – Father, into your hands I commit my Spirit. Luke 23:46


             The Earthquake – Matthew 27:51


            – The Centurion testifies:

                “Surely He was the Son of God!” –  Luke 23:47


            – The Soldiers Break the Thieves’ Legs – John 19:31-33


            – The Soldier Pierces Jesus Side – John 19:34


            – Jesus is laid in the Tomb – Luke 23:50-56


But remember … it’s only Friday, …but Sunday’s coming!


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