There are numerous ways you can help:

…Some without spending an extra cent!  Check these ideas:

1. Paypal: Safe, Secure, Direct and simple, and you do not need a Paypal account.

The easiest method!

Simply click on the Blue button below.


2.      GoodShop: Great for Holiday Shopping!  And you will not spend an extra cent more than your purchase.  Almost any stores you shop at are here.

If you shop online THIS is the deal for you!  Just be sure that you fill in the space saying what Charity you are shopping for …like BCFM for this one.

Click the Red button below to go to GoodShop.



3. Escrip: Also great for not spending an extra cent but still supporting a Charity.

Especially if you grocery shop at Safeway.  Escrip is safe and secure but you must register your Debit, Credit Cards, and/or your Store Membership cards.

Click the Green button below to go to Escrip.




4. The Old-Fashioned Way.  Simply write a check to BCFM and mail it to:


7085 Battlecreek Road SE

Salem, OR 97317

Whichever way that you may choose will be a blessing to this ministry or any other one you might choose to support.  While each dollar is getting harder to come by these days, it seems that it has more effect than ever in getting the job done, so THANK YOU!

Also Remember:

*Last Minute Income Tax Credit. Every year on or before December 31st you may choose to make a tax-deductible donation for the tax filing year.  You can use the Blue PayPal button above or write a check and mail it to the address below, but postmark by 12/31.

Donations of Vehicles and other items are always welcome and are tax-deductible.

Sponsorships for Airlines, Tickets, Rental Cars and Hotels are also certainly welcome.