Chapel Service

Irwindale Speedway

July 4, 2020

“Battling a Crummy Deal”

Bob Butcher


Greetings Everyone, from Kathy and me, even though due to the Govt. Protocols in place we really cannot be there and hang out team by team with you during the day like we always are honored to do.  You have all experienced this Covid19 drama and we are grateful that at least part of your team can carry on our 2020 racing season.  That alone, plus your health and safety during your time at Utah last week, and now Irwindale are answers to Kathy and my prayers.  It just really is a bummer that we cannot.

Hopefully, you all know that during this historic and unprecedented time along with the surrounding mayhem that instead of me putting out Chapel Services on our website I chose to invite you each Sunday to our home (COTH) Church On The Hill Sunday Services live on YouTube, at:

or on our home church website at:

or on our own Beyond Checkered Flags website at:

We mainly chose this because of the messages our close friends Bruce and Jason have invested their time and study into during this most intense and lingering bad dream of our lifetime.  They are each extremely relevant to our daily situation here in America and the world.  They are all there if you have missed any of them,  and you can pick out the message subject affecting you personally at any time or what is happening in America daily.  Kathy and I are part of the COTH Eldership along with them and can recommend the messengers and the message in complete confidence to you.

We know a number of our NASCAR/ARCA Racing Family, past and present, do watch these weekly along with many of our friends around the world.  Some even have subscribed (free of course) to them which is an option.

Today, for a Chapel I guess I would like to say a number of things concerning this predicament we find ourselves along with the entire world in with this COVID19 pandemic.  Let me first of all say, “tread lightly and now more than ever, be smart.”  Nobody wants this, nobody was ready for this, and I dare you to try to find three people in a row who fully agree on any single aspect of it.  My medical Covid19 take? “Better safe than sorry.”  However, it is upon us and now the only thing we can do at this point is carefully navigate our way back to normal life, along with our normal racing schedule we cherish and long for.

The stakes are critical. Life as we have always known it is also at stake.  Between the pandemic, the social unrest, the political arena that in each case is out of control and either rewriting history or creating it for their particular purpose as all too often the media and politicians attempt to do, our nation itself is at risk.  Our current situation isn’t just another challenge.  It is an unprecedented situation that carries implications that could shape our future for decades to come and even destroy the very core and nature of the sport we all love.

Everybody likes to gripe about the government, or any type of leadership or authority we deal with in daily life.  But, let me remind you of the old saying: ‘You can’t fight and beat city hall.”  It is an old saying, but it’s never been truer than today.  Sooner or later they will prevail.  There is no doubt.

So why do I say all this?  Simple, I must stop to remember that God is still in control.  In Romans 13: 1-2 says: “Everyone must obey the government, for God is the One who has put it in place.  There is no government anywhere that God has not placed in power. So those who refuse to obey the law of the land are refusing to obey God and severe consequences will follow.”  That’s pretty direct and scripture is full of like admonitions concerning this.

I am mainly referring to what we think and open our mouth or social media about in any area.  Let none of us speak out or type derogatory things that can affect our standing with government authority.  I think we need wisdom and zip our lips like never before these days.  Add to that our actions speak louder than words quite often.  NASCAR, ARCA, and our Series are building bridges today that have a massive effect on our racing future.  Let’s not forget that government officials have L-O-N-G memories.  This is not just about being right.  It’s about being smart, long term smart!  “You don’t spit into the wind, you don’t tug on Superman’s cape and you don’t want government officials mad at you when they go to sleep at night.  We hold these truths to be self-evident.” – Dave Argabright, Speed Sport Magazine.  That means other authorities also, like NASCAR & ARCA too.  Lets ALL be wise, thankful for what we get to do daily while so many other sports or businesses do not.  I know that “zipping our lips” is difficult to swallow, but in the end it will pay off big in the end.  As much as we are self-motivated, independent, don’t like authority demanding we do it their way, always following the rules, and instinctively rebellious, and tend to look at any situation as just another obstacle to overcome, this time we need to hold our tongues and be wise and not burn our bridges with the authorities at all levels.

I know we all have our view points in each and every area of today’s crisis which I mentioned here.  But, if we want to change our nation, our sport’s public image, our open doors to race freely sooner and more then each one of us, you and me both, to help and not hinder our chances to get back to normalcy quicker.  Please remember what God says about speech & actions:  Proverbs 18:21 “Your words are so powerful that they will kill or give life, and the talkative person will reap the consequences”.

Join me in this prayer: “Lord, I know my tongue and actions often get ahead of my mind and heart.  I am quick to speak, and I repent of the many thoughtless things I have spoken in anger or displayed in actions.  Please help me when I am about to speak or act without thinking first and check my heart. Help me be slow to speak or act and always be a person full of Your Spirit, overflowing with grace, patience, and especially self-control in difficult issues and situations like we walk in these days in America.  Thank You and I ask this in Jesus name.”

Lastly, during seasons of time like we live in today Kathy and I would love to host a Zoom time together with all of you.  It doesn’t cost, and we can have up to a hundred people on at a time.  I already have a zoom account so it’s ready to go anytime.  If you don’t like being on the screen there are emojis and other picture stuff so you do not have to be.  Racing Family, We are NOT talking about Bible things, Church, or that.  We are simply wanting to hear how you are doing, what fun things you are up to, how your week is going and family fun, as well as what you experienced at the last race and how you think you did which opens a door to actually affirm one another and compliment them on what you observed.  That right there is an area America is so very weak on.  Okay, maybe, if you all want we can pray for you briefly right at the end.  We can choose to do this on a schedule or however you think would be best.  Please drop us a text, message, or email what you think about this.  This season of quarantine, social distancing, and negative events sweeping our nation and world needs us to think of special ways we can all walk together and encourage each other through it.  When Kathy and I consider all the issues and the mountains we have in front of us, then look around at each of you I can only come to this conclusion: We, together, as NASCAR and ARCA are up to the challenge!

Blessings, Hugs to you, and we will be watching live on NBC Gold TrackPass, so smile & wave!

Bob and Kathy



Dave Argabright, Speed Sport Magazine



All Scripture references are from the GBB edition of the Bible – “Gospel By Bob”