Chapel Service

Irwindale Speedway

March 25, 2017

 “The Bible Project 2017”

 Exodus 1 – 18


Bob Butcher


Kathy and I have something new for you in our Chapel Services

this year and I think you will enjoy it.  This is part 3 & 4.

We want to offer you a new, easy and fun way to learn, understand, and remember the Bible and put it into your everyday life.  Let me try to explain, however, the best way is to take about five to ten minutes with your computer, smart phone, or IPad / Kindle and watch the unique cartoon-like artistic drawings on video that I will post here at each event this year. 

After all did you know that 2017 is internationally declared “The Year of The Bible.”

Today we move to the next video in our series of 14 this year.

Hopefully, it has perked your interest.  However, Kathy and I really would like to hear your input concerning continuing this at each event versus my speaking more.

This is part 4 of our series and you can find the video on YouTube at:

Today’s synopsis of Exodus Chapter 1 – 18 is:

God rescues the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and confronts the evil and injustice of Pharaoh the king.


Hopefully, you have chosen to follow along and even chosen to go to The Bible Project and check out all the deeper study videos that are all the same format on your own.  Maybe you have also chosen to do the daily reading program too.  If you do then you will have read throughout the entire Bible in one year.  Yes, we are in March but you can begin any time you choose.