Chapel Service

Spokane County Raceway

May 13, 2017

Life’s Eternal Message to Us:

“Seek Wisdom,…

Get Understanding!

I want to take this track chapel and direct you toward spending less than a couple hours of your time doing exactly what the title says.

To grasp the enormous implications of Israel’s sacrifices, we need to recognize our modern preconceived ideas today about sacrifice, blood, and animals that cause us to dismiss the whole thing as ancient and repulsive. Yes, just mentioning the thought of killing animals today brings a volatile backlash of hate, despise, and even reprisal today from a number of “rights groups” and even government laws. 

What we are going to see is that sacrifice points us to the beauty of Jesus.  It all stems from the beginning of time and far beyond the borders of Christian and Jewish tradition and history. 

However, “getting our head wrapped around” animal sacrifice, the shedding of blood, and trying to understand what is Biblically called a Blood Covenant today is difficult but also is the centerpiece of human history in respect to eternal life.

Next, if we can put this teaching in conjunction with last week’s teaching about “Why is the Bible Good for Today?” and take time to go to our website or our home church website and listen to these two messages it will answer and clarify so many questions about Christianity, it’s relevance to us today, God & Jesus Christ, faith, and why the Cross, that once and for always bring you understanding.

Therefore, first watch April 23’s message that is out of 1 Samuel 25:

Next watch April 30th’s message that is out of Genesis 15:

The first three chapters of Proverbs is all about seeking Wisdom, Understanding, and Discernment. 

Look around the world today and listen to the news and you understand quickly how much we lack this today!  Read through the Book of Proverbs and it’s pretty hard to see how much we are lacking in these areas.

Chapter 1 could be broken up into sections covering:

  • The Usefulness of Proverbs.
  • The Enticement of Rebels, Fools, or just simply Sinners.
  • Wisdom warns us

Chapter 2 could be called: The Pursuit of Wisdom brings

Chapter 3 could be called: The Rewards of Wisdom.

Then the rest of Proverbs exemplifies all the contrasts of choices we have and the ways life can play out  pending our choices.  Try reading one chapter each day of the month.