Chapel Service

 March 31, 2013

“Resurrection Day 2013”

  Bob Butcher


Happy Resurrection Day!

…or …Easter, if you so prefer.  However, personally I much rather call it what it is without disguise.

 Truly, This day above all holidays and celebrations ought to be honored as the most important day in ALL of human history.  It is the very essence of the real meaning of the word FREEDOM! Without the GIFT of this day all of mankind is doomed to failure, disgrace, and destruction.  And, by destruction I refer to the eternal separation from the Creator Himself that lovingly planned out our existence in fellowship with Him not only as the human race, but each one of us individually.  Instead of that curse, He made this day at the total expense of Himself.

Today we can “run to the cross” and once again have a personal, loving, intimate, relationship with the Creator restored for eternity.  To Kathy and me …THAT is one mind boggling deal.

 I read something today in “Our Daily Bread” that reminded me of Kathy and my time a number of years ago on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

 We were told as we headed to Hanna on the north shore of Maui, that if there is a tsunami warning and the warning horn blows, we were instructed to rush up the side of the mountain to the cross that is up there for safety.  Missionaries had placed that wooden cross there many years ago and it has become symbolic as the place of safety from a tsunami in the area.

 In a similar way all of us need a place of spiritual safety.  Why? Because the Lord and Creator warns us in His Word that:

  • “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”  -Romans 3:23
  • “The consequences or wages of that and ANY sin is death” – Romans 6:23
  • There WILL be a judgment by our Creator  to determine our individual place of residence for eternity – Hebrews 9:27

 Please believe me when I say that it is a SERIOUS thing “to fall into the hands of the living God” as we will – Hebrews 10:31

 Maybe you don’t like to think about those consequences we face, however, the good news is that out of His love for us God the Father has provided a place of safety for each one of us.

 That’s exactly what Resurrection day …or Easter …as most of society likes to call it, provides.  Jesus Christ was sent by the Father, the Creator of this entire universe, to die on a cross and thus pay for our sins so we do not have to fear death and that judgment day or be separated from Him forever in eternity.

 Jesus’ death and then resurrection overcame the power of sin and death that day and once and for all made available THE place of safety …the cross!

 Have YOU run to that cross?


 Join Kathy and me as we celebrate Resurrection day.

 Kathy and I offer you your choice an opportunities to celebrate by taking a small bit of time to not only ponder, but enjoy the reality of Resurrection day with a musical message I have put together that our family has enjoyed over thirty years and treasure today as now the grandchildren are singing and dancing to.

If you want  to join our family’s  fun, musical celebration of every Resurrection Day (Easter) then  try this:  It is four songs, one by 2nd Chapter of Acts, one by Keith Green and one by Carman plus an extra one by Keith.  Yes, they were “back in the day” but they will never go out of date:  I am not sure if this was one of the times, but look quick around the Keith Green video and you might find Kathy & me before we were married! (Yes, there are stories with Keith back in that day too.  But they are not for today.)  Sit back now and “rock out” with our family and grand-kids today

 Here are the YouTube websites of each:


Easter Song – Anne Herring & 2nd Chapter of Acts:


The Victor – Keith Green:


The Champion – Carman


Here is an extra one here from Keith for you; it is our bottom line:

I hope you enjoyed the messages these classics brought!