Chapel Service

Evergreen Speedway

August 11, 2018

“The One Another’s”

Bob Butcher

Last weekend as a Youth With A Mission (YWAM) ministry campus in Salem, Oregon we celebrated our 40th Anniversary and hosted more than 250 of our former staff, school graduates (University of the Nations), and our ministry outreach program participants from those forty years past.  And yes, it was a ton of work, but so worth it to see so many people again and remember the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly as we laughed together.


Going on 32 of those 40 years, Kathy and I are the longest-term staff by far today so as a historian maybe I carry more remembrances than anyone.  Hence, one of the roles I did was the historic tours and questions.  Many of our “Family” returning were actually here before us, and it made for interesting times as we shared stories with our staff and students here today.  Just like our NASCAR family, once a part of the family, always family, and loved, appreciated, and honored when they visit us here at the track or at our banquets in Charlotte, NC.  Whether YWAM or NASCAR don’t we all go out of our way to honor them and treat them special hoping that they go home with treasured memories and hearts filled with joy?


It’s that way because that is the way God teaches us to treat people. No matter where you are from in our world, God set those rules, or ways of acting toward others in place since He created mankind.


At one point of time during that first of three days (Friday) I wandered into our main classroom on campus. It was the very classroom that Kathy and I had spent our first days in YWAM so many years ago now. There on the wall were twelve framed commands of the Lord and their scripture references artistically placed into some of the most beautiful photographs of His creation from around the world that one of our newer staff had taken during her ministry travels.


As I stood there reading them I noticed also that each photograph couldn’t have been more perfectly chosen for that command from God’s own heart to us about how to love our brothers and sisters, our family; whether blood, YWAM or NASCAR, or anyone we meet actually, because it is His command to treat each other with kindness. I cannot show you the photographs, but I can show you the 12 “One Another’s” in God’s commands to us in Chapel today. Here they are:


  • “Be hospitable to one another without complaint.”           1 Peter 4:9


  • “Serve one another.”            Galatians 5:13


  • “Give preference to one another in honor.”     Romans 12:10


  • “Pray for one another.”      James 5:16


  • “Confess sins to one another.”    James 5:16


  • “Build up and comfort one another.”            1 Thessalonians 5:11


  • “Spur one another towards love and good deeds.”   Hebrews 10:24


  • “Speak truth in love to one another.”                      Ephesians 4: 15-16


  • “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love.”         Romans 12:10


  • “Teach and admonish one another.”          Colossians 3:16


  • “Submit to one another.”      Ephesians 5:21


  • “Accept one another.”          Romans 15:7



On another issue, here is a request I have for you to ponder:

Interestingly, with today’s subject “The One Another’s” I think this might be a really good place to ask you for feedback about the following: 

As our schedule gets tighter and tighter it is hard to provide you a Chapel time, …even one of my five minute ones.  If you have any ideas of where you all might fit one in, I would love to hear it.  Hey, if you ask me to come at 3am I would do that!  We are sold out to this Series.

Please remember that Kathy and I are here at NASCAR’s invitation to serve you.  We are guests and acknowledge that completely; and are honored by their grace extended to us to do so.  You are here to race, period.  It’s your place of work.  Very few places of business offer a chaplaincy or pastor.  We are grateful to NASCAR that we might provide you a church away from home as you travel.  We are so very honored to be the ones to provide that service for you.

That is why I have taken to writing the church messages out in story or book form to help you accomplish both issues, race and attend church which all of us are blessed to do in America freely.

Maybe a printed chapel is the only way we can accomplish a chapel at this time.  We are a one-day show and cannot function as the NASCAR Monster Energy Series where this all started and spread to us on our level. 

As Kathy and I discuss this I think we agree that if you desire we can always keep the written-out messages to pass out, and maybe the answer is to as best we can make ourselves available to chat with each one of you hopefully when your time permits during the day.  As I said, please let us know if have ideas how we can serve you in today’s circumstances that all of us along with NASCAR are forced into dealing with.

And remember, I have been involved with NASCAR racing since I was six years old so I completely understand the strain on both ends of this issue and the lack of time outside preparing or driving the car along with today’s sponsor obligations so many of you carry.  Since “my day” the demand upon your time has escalated violently.  Today is what it is and believe me when I say God understands completely!  It’s never been a surprise to Him and He will make His Word and care for you come together and serve His purposes and the dreams He has for each one of you.  I promise you that none of today’s issues that make it difficult to seek Him during race day will thwart His plans for us here.

(Isaiah 55:11 secures that along with Jeremiah 29:11-14 among a number of other scriptures)