Our Guiding Values as YWAM:

Keeping our YWAM Values in mind

Here for your reference or interest is our major 2020 projects with Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

We will be updating them as the year progresses.

ACT (American Circle Team)

During the year our team normally plans numerous prayer meetings off hours to tune in to what the Lord wants for this next season of time. As 2019 arrived major changes within YWAM Leadership structure has changed our actual job as it has been through the years. As the new ACT, or “American Circle Team” begins operating for it’s third year we still meet often as a former team and support what God wants to do in North America.

We meet as regular as each of our schedules allow to pray for each other, the team, each person’s needs, and any other area relevant.

YWAM 60th Celebration in 2020 –

Would you consider joining the YWAM family for the 60th anniversary celebration of Ywam. Both Loren and Darlene will be attending, along with David Cunningham, John Dawson and Matt Dawson. The celebration is being held at our San Antonio Del Mar campus located just south of San Diego in Baja, México. More information can be found at:



Bob & Kathy’s YWAM Salem Schedule:

Special Projects & Consulting

This is the best description for our roles in both YWAM offices these days. From caring for the ministry’s needs in the Marion County Planning and other legal areas as needed, to simply whenever and wherever there is a need is to be accomplished.

In process until project completed – YWAM Salem – Working with Marion County Planning about land use zoning at campus & new master plan is in progress.

Property Planning & New Master Plan Team – Scheduled Meetings: Bob is team participant

Planning for the new Master Plan will see us visiting our neighbors door to door to share the new, updated plan for our campus as Spring arrives. – Bob is team participant

YWAM Salem Schedule & Schools schedule – Please see the Campus link at: http://www.ywamsalem.org/

Monthly or as Scheduled: Property Planning Team Meeting 3:30 to 5 PM – Bob participates

Monthly attends Salem Net Meetings on third Wednesday – Bob has represented YWAM Salem since 1989


On the Road 2020

2020 again brings an enormous amount of travel time. Kathy and I once again look forward to the adventures this year brings as we travel for ministry. We will begin our travel as we head for Las Vegas at the end of February. This first scheduled trip comes under the MRO “ministry hat,” however, rarely do our travels only involve either YWAM or racing (MRO) because both ministries always seems to get involved wherever we are.

This year also will find us in more of the West Coast States except Iowa and St. Louis, MO and often Watkins Glen, NY, Charlotte, NC, Daytona Beach, FL among other states as needed. Often these places become one of the year’s highlights due to Bob’s huge history there. So, we cannot wait to see what the Lord has planned for us this year. One never knows what the Lord asks us to do or where we may go for Him, …and THAT has proven true and exciting, yet often daunting throughout these thirty plus years serving Him in ministry!



The 2020 NIKO schedule is ALWAYS in planning and dates are open. However, YWAM Salem NIKO has ended its ministry. However, there are a number of locations around the world and a few in North America that still does this incredible training program that will change you forever. To find out where you can go to participate in a NIKO simply, go to: YWAM.org

As we closed our Salem NIKO program at the end of 2018 I had staffed 58 NIKO programs from when they began in 1994. Our entire adult family, Kathy and Me, our two daughters and their husbands, and even my niece have all staffed over 25 of them. Why? Simple, because we saw the life changing effect they had not only on the participants over the years, but upon ourselves also. So, I am still encouraging everyone to consider doing one, and maybe really get adventurous and do one in a foreign nation!

Scheduled At present: See YWAM.org for complete list and up to date.