Chapel Service

Colorado National Speedway

June 10, 2017


Bob Butcher

I’d like to take time to remind us all about a very direct statement …and let’s face it …a direct command that God gives to us in scripture not only a number of times, but also in a number of different ways and contexts.  If you remember I have said many times that when God speaks something in His Word three or more times that we had better sit up and take notice plus act upon it!

First, let’s look at the most direct place this statement and command is spoken: Later Jesus appeared to the Eleven as they were eating; He rebuked them for their lack of faith and their stubborn refusal to believe those who had seen Him after He had risen. Then Jesus said, “Go into the world. Go everywhere and announce the Message of God’s good news to one and all. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved; and whoever refuses to believe will be condemned. Mark 16: 14-16 GBB

Now, I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t leave me much room to ignore that downright command to each one of us.

So, what do we do with that?

Most of us are not comfortable doing something like that, are we? I am always amazed around church(s) at how many times people think they can leave this to the Pastor or at least his staff to do. “That’s their job, not mine!”

Thankfully, there are more than a few ways to obey that command and accomplish God’s command to us.  God knew our makeup when He designed us and created us who we are.  I believe God placed within us a very specific gift and ability to obey His command to do that in our own way.

Because of this design within us we can also add another word to describe us very often.  This word is also fitting to our racing lifestyle and very character.

That word is “Pioneer.” Look at what Webster’s definition of a pioneer in his 1828 and very first edition:   PIONEE’R, (noun):

  1. In the art and practice of war, one whose business is to march with or before an army, to repair the road or clear it of obstructions, work at entrenchments, or form mines for destroying an enemy’s works.
  2. One that goes before to remove obstructions or prepare the way for another.

Now isn’t that interesting …destroy the work of the enemy.” Isn’t that exactly what we are suppose to do to God’s and our enemy (devil) by sharing the truth of the Gospel to another person?  And #2 says a pioneer goes before to remove obstructions …or someone’s unbelief, …and therefore prepare the way for that person to have eternal life also.

Kathy and I have pioneered a few things in our day and recognize how difficult it can be …especially when it comes to ministry things.

So how do we do this comfortably? First of all, we don’t!  However, as you dig into your character, gifting and talents, likes and dislikes, you learn about your makeup through experiences.  Then you begin to learn what works. Then, you also get braver too!

Another reason I bring this pioneer context up is because of my history in this sport since I was a young kid, I believe that racers are the best of today’s pioneers …(within America). You have to be, in order to be successful, stay competitive, develop new technology and equipment consistently.

So,… How does one obey God’s command then?  Well, I say from what I have observed around our K&N Series the last few years with our young, talented, drivers and teams, that in one special way they are possibly preparing a door to use their lifestyle and sportsmanship to be a witness to the Gospel.  They are friends, hang out together, play together on and off the track, yet race blistering hard, respectful and cleanly as possible, and communicate.  You guys and gals are pioneering a competitive way of life that also can be a Gospel witness and bless the Lord Jesus …especially when someone asks you why you race and live this way. 

Personally, that is what I think is the best way to live a Godly, respectful, obedient lifestyle and share the Gospel as commanded:  LIVE IT OUT IN FRONT OF PEOPLE.  When people ask, simple tell them that is what God would do because love always wins in the end.  Remember WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do?)


In Sonoma I want to share a very important understanding of how the world works, and the invisible world around us.

We will use the Biblical character Job as our example..

If you are interested in getting a head start and go deeper into the whys and reason both good and bad things happen in our lives then go to this website and watch this video:

“Job and the Unseen World”


There is a lot going on in our visible world that leaves us troubled, confused, and with many questions. The story of Job takes a peek at what is happening behind the curtain in the invisible universe, but there may be more questions than answers for a while…


ALSO: Take the few minutes to download and watch the video about the Book of Job from the Bible Project by a click on this underlined section.